Moving Your Website To Us

Around one-third of our customers come to us after they already have a website. They’re usually not happy with one or more things:

  • Their site design.
  • How easy it is to edit/add pages.
  • How well their existing site supports SEO (Search Engine Optimization – getting visitors free from the search engines.)
  • Their existing webmaster, web designer, or web developer screwed them.  (Please excuse my language.  Unfortunately, this is VERY common.)
  • Cost.

No problem. There are three or four ways we can help:

A New Design

If you don’t like your current design, we can help transfer it to our service. We’ll also add the usual perks like a contact form, custom email addresses, testimonials on each page, SEO support, etc. If you pay for a year in advance, we’ll transfer the existing pages for free. Otherwise it costs $50. Of course, our system is so darn easy to use, you may just want to transfer the site yourself.

Whatever you choose, you can keep/copy the best of our existing pre-written pages and your existing site.  So far everyone who switched to our service chooses to use some of both.

Sound good?

It gets better.  We have special procedures in place to make this a VERY smooth process.  Until it’s ready new site is available for editing at  We edit the new site until you’re satisfied with it.  Once you’re happy with the new site, we take it live using an easy three-step process:

  1. We switch it from: to
  2. You (or we) arrange to “point” the domain name servers to our server.  (This is something like a change of address form at the post office. Not hard at all.)
  3. The change spreads through the internet within hours.  Soon everyone will see your new site instead of the old one.

The best part is, your website is NEVER under construction, and never goes down during the transfer process.  Your web presence is maintained.

Keep Your Existing Design

If you like your current design, but want more flexibility in editing it, we can often help. It requires hand-coding your design. There are two price levels, depending on the design’s complexity.

Some designs (and the html behind them) are simple enough for a “slice and dice” operation. We just take apart one page, and put it back together as code.  This is a one-time fee of $150.  More complicated designs cost about $325 because they aren’t easy to put back together as code.  It also sometimes costs more if there’s multiple page designs involved.

Beautiful Babies

In some cases, you like your design so much because it’s that good. Every parent thinks their baby is beautiful.

Maybe other people would think your baby is beautiful too. If your design/baby will have wide appeal to other healers, we may sponsor the conversion. It will only cost you $150, and we’ll sponsor the rest.

Beautiful babies usually end up being even more beautiful, because we add all kinds of goodies to them, such as drop-down menus and color customizations. We can do this because it’ll help more than one client. Doing this intensive work for a just one site just isn’t worth the time and money.

We also forbid anyone else in your area from using your baby of course. But other healers can use the design outside your area. Also, you have a permanent license to use it for your own site as long as you wish, but otherwise we “own” the copyright and code.

Examples of beautiful babies include Ayla from Ayla Yavin of Manhattan, and Lotus Spring from Dan Clark in Utah.  (Lotus Spring is available but we’re working on allowing some gorgeous color changes.)

Basic Web Hosting

If you would like to have basic web hosting with us, with basic website support, just ask. This does not include WordPress support, and only costs $10 a month.  I’ve switched between SIX different web hosts to find one that was reliable, responsive and helpful.

To find out about any of the above, please fill out the form below. If you have an existing site or an site showing what your custom design might look like, please include the web address.