Do We Provide Custom Designs?

Most of the time, an existing theme/site design is best for you. See our gallery for some examples. Some people want something specific, and we’d like to help you out.

The main requirement is that the pages all have a similar layout. In some cases it may be possible to have a different front page.

Custom Designs

If you want your own site design, we can often send it to a designer in another country for coding. This can cost between $150-$500. This depends on many things – among them:

  • How complex the site design is.
  • Whether you already know of an existing site with a similar design. This makes it vastly easier for the designer to know what you want.
  • How many images are used, and what kind of effects (blending, rounded corners, etc.) you want for them.

We’ve got very high standards, and to this date, we’ve never accepted the first code from a designer.  Ever.  We check/validate their work, make sure it shows up in different browsers, and generally assume there’s a problem.  There always is.

It’s just the nature of things – clean, XHTML compliant code that looks good on the front end and doesn’t have backend problems is not an easy thing to deliver.

Especially if you don’t use us, NEVER pay the full amount up front.  I’ve heard horror stories from people paying $300 to $1000 for a website or even work on their existing site.  They don’t get the work, and never see anything for their money. Don’t let that happen to you.

We require half payment upfront to protect us, but also require you retain the other half on principle.  Too many coders/web developers/designers are unreliable and unprofessional.  Anyone can show a few pretty designs.  Not everyone can deliver.  Some will try squeezing money out of you like they’d try to squeeze juice from an orange.  Don’t let that happen to you.