The most common question we receive is about our pricing. It’s a subscription of $30 a month.  It can be canceled at any time.  This keeps us motivated to keep you happy.

It really is just $30 a month.  There’s no tricks.  No surprises!  No kidding! Also:

  • No setup charges.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No charges for the domain name/web address.
  • No cost for adding pages.
  • No cost for adding photos.
  • No cost for changing pages.
  • (You get the idea…)

Compare this to websites that cost $1000 or more.  Even though you paid so much, you’ll usually be charged extra for:

  • Each additional page ($15 – $25 or more).
  • Each change ($10 and up).
  • For every photo you want to add ($10 and up).
  • For web hosting ($5.99 a month or more).

(Obviously this can add up!  But we don’t do that!)

We do offer a discount for students and new clinicians to help them get started.  If you’re a new clinician or a student, we’ll discount your website subscription to just $10 a month until 3 months after you start your practice.  Then your subscription will go up to the normal rate.